On Elevation

068During my time in Spain I couldn’t help but feel somewhat overwhelmed by the beauty of much of the architecture. It wasn’t simply the grandeur of the gothic Cathedrals, or the elegance of the Moorish palaces, and Mosques. It was more about what these structures communicated about the people that built them. What I saw was works of art built with conviction, and those works stood in stark contrast to what my pragmatic eyes were used to. Why must I go back in time 800 years to be so touched by the beauty of a man made structure?

Saint Anselm wrote that God is that which nothing greater can be concieved. I tend to agree, but the mere fact of the conceptually difficult should not paralyze us so as to keep us from strectching out of our utilitarian boxes. Nor should extending out of our utilitarian boxes leave us with incoherence. Here I’m thinking of much of modern “art”. There is no modern equivalent to the music, art, and architecture that was dedicated to God during the middle ages. I suspect that this has little to do with skill, and much more to do with motivation.

Today we are dedicated to ourselves. With our mindless gullibility we are convinced that something is worth listening to, or worth looking at just so we can be a part of the crowd that’s looking. We are confused, yet satisfied.  Creativity on this level only demonstrates our own lameness, because we assign it value prior to our conception of it. Art becomes arbitrary down to a level of meaninglessness. The motivation is attention, and the means irrelevant.

Only when something is created with love and conviction can it represent something objective. There is no mistaking it, no need to intellectualize it. It tells you what it is, and why it is. It frees you from your box, and allows you to be elevated beyond the confines that is you.



Tomorrow morning my family and I depart for Spain. If you have accidently found yourself at this blog, please pray for our safe travels.

Pictures to follow…

It hit me like a ton of bricks while jogging in the park. Sure, light exists. I was surrounded by it, I experienced it first hand. But this silly notion of photons as the bundles of energy that give us light…well, that’s just superstition. And hence my deconversion from a faith in mass-less blobs of nothingness to an emotionally healthy level of disbelief.

I had been indoctrinated since my first physics class. The professor stood up there and spoon fed me the same theories of light that he was fed since he was a young physics student. I was so taken by his scientific expertise that I never thought to question a word of it. And so this vicious cycle continues…for most people. The only reason why people continue to accept these bogus scientific theories is because they were raised to believe them. They never once question it for fear of being laughed at and ridiculed by the other kids raised in that environment of scientific agendas. In my opinion, it’s a form of child abuse to cram this crap down kid’s throats. Why not just teach them to believe in spaghetti monsters, or pink unicorns? After all, you can’t prove that they DON’T exist.

I really cannot think of one reason to believe that photons exist. I have never seen, felt, heard, tasted, or smelt one. They are completely absent from my sense perception. And why shouldn’t they be? After all, they are massless (isn’t that convenient). At least that’s what they tell us. This way they don’t have to actually show us a photon. They can just show us some experimental effect, and then attribute that effect to a photon. But I could just as easily make up my own cause for the observed effect. Maybe a mass-less leprechon is responsible for knocking an electron off a piece metal. Did you ever think of that?

The ability to demonstrate how a photon acts contradicts the physicist’s own Heisenberg uncertainty principle which states that it is impossible to simultaneously measure the position and momentum of particles that exist on the quantum level (as if they even exist at all). The accuracy of one must be sacrificed for the other. Thus, the ability to explain the nature of photon, and by extension its very existence, eludes even those most dedicated to the scientific agenda.

Once you point these problems out, the typical science zealot will try to obfuscate the issue by bringing up the particle/wave duality of the photon. So now I’m supposed to believe that a photon can act as both a particle AND a wave? Those are two completely different things for crying out loud. What a bunch of metaphysical hocus pocus. But alas, that is all we’re left with. Why? Because they feel a certain necessity to explain the nature of light.

The fear of not understanding the nature of light motivates them to come up with an explanation even if that explanation takes us to the brink of insanity. I believe that we have the ability to someday demonstrate the very nature of light, and just because that day hasn’t come yet doesn’t mean we should force upon ourselves, and our children, a bogus theory rooted in insecurity and overactive imaginations.

The day will soon come that we will have a legitimate explanation for the nature of light, and when that day comes, I will be quietly sipping from my cosmic tea cup, and smiling.

Attention Catholic Voters

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Got Hope?

That was all they had.

The Sham That is the BCS

Once the Utah Utes scored 11 points in the final2 minutes to beat Oregon St., the Mountain West Conference moved to 6-1 on the PAC-10 for the season. Clearly, the PAC-10 is inferior to MWC this year, so why are they allowed to maintain BCS status while the champion of the MWC will probably be luckyto get a BCS bowl game, and a national Championship game is a virtual impossibility under the BCS system.

Here’s a crazy idea: Lets let the players on the field decide who the next national champion should be and let the BCS bureaucrats lobby for something they can’t get rich on…like legitimate academic restrictions for player eligibility.