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On a Mission…

…for weight loss.

It started with an early morning snowshoe followed by a consistent mix of running and biking. Apparently my body was not ready for consistent exercise as I am now too sick to do anything but sit around and feel sorry for myself.0861088082


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The Sham That is the BCS

Once the Utah Utes scored 11 points in the final2 minutes to beat Oregon St., the Mountain West Conference moved to 6-1 on the PAC-10 for the season. Clearly, the PAC-10 is inferior to MWC this year, so why are they allowed to maintain BCS status while the champion of the MWC will probably be luckyto get a BCS bowl game, and a national Championship game is a virtual impossibility under the BCS system.

Here’s a crazy idea: Lets let the players on the field decide who the next national champion should be and let the BCS bureaucrats lobby for something they can’t get rich on…like legitimate academic restrictions for player eligibility.

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